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Satisfy Your Sushi & Tempura Cravings!

From miso soup to bento boxes and artfully prepared sushi plates, Chopsticks has an array of authentic Japanese dishes to choose from. Call to place a take-out or delivery order for dinner tonight or join us at our Castlegar restaurant.


Ebi Sunomono (shrimp with rice noodles in special vinegar) $6.95
Tako Sunomono (octopus with rice noodles in special vinegar) $6.95
Kani Sunomono (imitation crabmeat with rice noodles in special vinegar) $6.95

Vegetable Sunomono (cucumber, daikon, carrots, avocado) $6.50
Edamame (boiled soy beans) $4.75
Agedashi Tofu (deep fried tofu with house sauce) $8.95

Spicy Salmon Tata (spicy salmon and avocado, served with crispy nori tempura) $16.95

Seaweed Salad $6.50
Side Order of Wasabi $2.00
Side Order of Ginger $3.00

Side Order of Mayo $2.00

Side Order of Spicy Peanut Sauce $2.00

Side Order of House Vegetable Sauce $2.00


(Deep fried in Japanese style light batter)

Prawn Tempura and Vegetables (6 pieces) $19.95
Vegetable Tempura (yam, zucchini, mushrooms) $15.95
Yam Tempura $15.95

Asparagus and Salmon Tempura (6 of each) $18.95

Prawn Tempura (8 pieces) $18.95
Tempura Sauce $3.00
Spicy Mayo $2.00


(Beautiful arrangements of sliced raw fish)

Salmon (7 pieces) $19.50
Tuna (7 pieces) $19.95
Spicy Tuna (8 pieces) $20.95
Tako (octopus) (7 pieces) $17.95
Toro (tuna belly) (7 pieces) $21.95

Hokkigai (surf clam) (12 pieces) $16.95

Salmon & Tuna $23.95
Assorted Sashimi (salmon, tuna, tako, hokkigai) (16 pieces) $32.95

Nigiri Sushi

(Sliced raw or cooked fish on sushi, minimum 2 pieces order per variety)

Salmon (raw) $3.50/piece
Inari (tofu pocket) $3.50/piece
Tuna (albacore) $3.50/piece
Kani (imitation crabmeat) $3.50/piece
Tai (red snapper) $3.50/piece

Hokkigai (arctic surf clam) $3.50/piece
Toro (tuna belly) $4.50/piece
Chopped Scallops $4.50/piece
Tako (octopus) $3.95/piece
Tamago (egg) $3.50/piece
Tobiko (flying fish roe) $3.95/piece

Ebi (cooked prawn) $3.95/piece
Masago (smelt fish roe) $3.95/piece
Hamachi (yellow tail) $3.95/piece
Unagi (BBQ eel) $4.50/piece

Temaki (cone)

(Hand wrapped individual cone of sushi)

Spicy Tuna $7.95

(spicy tuna w/ masago and cucumber)

Chopped Scallops $8.95

(scallop w/ cucumber, masago, daikon, and mayo) 

Kani $7.95

(imitation crabmeat w/ masago, and cucumber) 

California $8.25

(imitation crabmeat, avocado, cucumber & mayo)

Vegetable $7.95

(daikon, cucumber, avocado, carrots, and lettuce)

Chef's Special Rolls

Deja-Vu Roll $15.95

(prawn tempura, avocado, topped w/spicy tuna) (8 pieces)

Super Salmon Roll $16.95

(spicy tuna, avocado, prawn tempura, salmon on top w/mayo and peanut hot sauce) (8 pieces) 

Dragon Roll $19.95

(imitation crabmeat, cucumber, avocado, topped with BBQ eel) (8 pieces) 

Caterpillar Roll $16.95

(BBQ eel and cucumber topped with avocado) (8 pieces) 

Ginza Roll $19.95

(crispy soft shell crab, cucumber topped w/ spicy imitation crabmeat) (6 pieces) 

Volcano Roll $14.95

(smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried)

Nuts So Crazy Roll $13.95

(papaya, smoked salmon w/ cream cheese and almonds) (8 pieces) 

Rainbow Roll $16.95

(tuna, salmon, ebi, avocado, crabmeat, and cucumber) (8 pieces)

Spider Roll $19.95

(crispy soft shell crab, cucumber, mayo, imitation crabmeat and topped with masago) (6 pieces) 

What’s Up Roll $12.95

(imitation crabmeat, and cucumber w/ spicy sauce) (5 pieces) 

Red Dynamite Roll $12.95

(prawn tempura, cucumber, avocado, mayo topped with masago) (6 pieces) 

Chopsticks Roll $15.95

(salmon, avocado, cream cheese, smoked salmon and house dressing) (8 pieces) 

Mellow Yellow Roll $12.95

(yellow tail, cucumber, spicy mayo, and green onion) (8 pieces) 

Wet & Wild Roll $16.95

(prawn tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, and tuna w/ BBQ sauce) (8 pieces) 

Alaska Roll $12.95

(salmon, crunchy, and avocado) 

Smokin’ Roll $15.95

(salmon, crunchy, avocado, topped w/ smoked salmon and house hot sauce) 

Sunrise Roll $13.95

(spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy, yellow tail w/ hot sauce) 


California Roll $9.95

(imitation crabmeat w/ avocado and cucumber) (8 pieces) 

BC Roll $10.95

(grilled salmon, smoked salmon, avocado, masago, and mayo) (6 pieces)

Salmon Roll $7.95

(raw Atlantic salmon) (6 pieces) 

Tuna Roll $7.95

(raw albacore tuna) (6 pieces) 

Salmon Avocado Roll $12.95

Chopped Scallop Roll $11.95

(bay scallops w/ spicy mayo, masago, green onion, and cucumber) (8 pieces)

Ebi Roll $9.95

(cooked prawn) (6 pieces) 

Kani Roll $8.95

(imitation crabmeat) (6 pieces) 

Dynamite Roll $9.95
(prawn tempura, cucumber, lettuce, mayo w/ masago inside) (6 pieces)

Spicy Salmon Roll $9.95

Spicy Tuna Roll $9.95

(spicy albacore and Atlantic tuna with cucumber) (8 pieces) 

Unagi Roll $12.95

(BBQ eel, and avocado) (8 pieces) 

House Vegetable Roll $8.95

(cucumber, avocado, asparagus, and house sauce) (8 pieces) 

Vegetable Roll $8.95

(avocado, carrot, daikon, and lettuce) (6 pieces) 

Kappa Roll $6.95

(cucumber) (6 pieces) 

Yam Roll $9.95

Chicken Teriyaki Roll $11.95
(teriyaki chicken, cucumber)

Beef Teriyaki Roll $12.95
Avocado Roll (8 pieces) $11.95

Maki Combo

A (13 pcs.) $19.50

Salmon (2 pcs.)

Tuna (2 pcs.)

Kappa (2 pcs.)

California Roll (4 pcs.)

Dynamite Roll (3 pcs.)

B (20 pcs.) $25.50

California Roll (4 pcs.)

Dynamite Roll (5 pcs.)

Red Dynamite (2 pcs.)

Salmon (3 pcs.)

Tuna (3 pcs.)

Kappa (3 pcs.)

C (33 pcs.) $38.50

California Roll (8 pcs.)

Dynamite Roll (5 pcs.)

Ebi Maki (6 pcs.)

Red Dynamite (2 pcs.)

Salmon (4 pcs.)

Tuna (4 pcs.)

Kappa (4 pcs.)

Bento Box

All Bento boxes served with miso soup


Seaweed Salad

Prawn Tempura (3 pcs.)

Salmon Sushi (1 pc.)

Tuna Sushi (1 pc.)

Ebi Sushi (1 pc.)

Agedashi Tofu (3 pcs.)

Tamago Sushi (2 pcs.)

B $28.95

Prawn Tempura (3 pcs.)

Agedashi Tofu (3 pcs.)

California Roll (8 pcs.)

Salmon Sashimi (2 pcs.)

Tuna Sashimi (2 pcs.)

Seaweed Salad

Western Menu

French Fries $7.25
2 piece Fish and Chips $13.95
3 piece Chicken strips and Fries $13.95


Cheese Cake $6.95 

Chinese Donut (6 pieces) $6.95

Brown Sugar Milk Tea (hot or cool) $4.95
(add jelly $5.95)

Brown Sugar Milk Coffee (hot or cool) $4.95
(add jelly $5.95)



(Tax not included)

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